The Crucial Role of User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA) to Counter Cyber Attacks

Detect Anomalous Behavior to Accelerate Threat Detection with Advanced Analytics

IDC FutureScape predicts that identity will become the crux of security, leading to an expanded use of security analytics.1 This does not come as a surprise, as users were targeted in 93% of breaches in Asia Pacific.2 The wide spectrum of attacks also threatens to cause huge disruption to business operations, customer experience and even put lives at risk.

IDC believes advanced analytics including supervised and unsupervised machine learning (ML), scenario-based analytics, and deep behavior profiling models will combat this. LogRhythm UEBA delivers full-spectrum analytics to detect high-risk behavior that fall out of baseline profiles. For complete visibility over an entire IT environment, seamlessly integrate LogRhythm UEBA with its NextGen SIEM platform.

IDC, in partnership with LogRhythm, shares on:

  • Top 3 IDC FutureScape Security Trends for Asia Pacific
  • Enhancing security operations efficiency with UEBA
  • Accelerating accurate threat detection and mitigation

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1,2 IDC FutureScape: Worldwide Security Products and Services 2019 Predictions – Asia/Pacific excluding Japan Implications