The Analyst Perspective on SIEM and Security Analytics

Resonance, Validation and Insight

Gartner is wrapping up their annual Security & Risk Management Summit just outside of Washington D.C. today. It’s been a week of resonance, validation and insight:

  • Resonance between what we’re hearing from the market and what Gartner is hearing from their clients (i.e., focus on detection and response, do so in a way that detects cyber-adversaries fast enough to respond before they can achieve their objectives, and reduce the burden on IT security staff)
  • Validation that state-of-the-art SIEM is the prudent centerpiece of today’s cybersecurity operation and that security analytics is one of the most critical technologies to achieving the goal of faster detection and response
  • Insight regarding shifting threat vectors (e.g., insider recruitment is alive, active and growing in the Dark Web)

Analyst Tools for Researching a SIEM

As for Gartner’s perspective, LogRhythm was recently ranked the no. 1 vendor in all three Critical Capabilities for Security and Information and Event Management (SIEM) Report (Threat Management, Compliance and SIEM) use cases. To learn why LogRhythm rose to the top, download the Gartner Critical Capabilities Report.

If you’re seeking an alternative perspective to Gartner, I encourage you to try Info-Tech Research Group’s SIEM Solutions Comparison Tool. This interactive digital tool enables you to dynamically adjust capability weightings to align with your SIEM priorities and see how 10 different SIEM solutions measure up.

The comprehensive tool considers 10 different feature sets, including Big Data Analytics, Advanced Correlation and Incident Management and Remediation, along with over a half dozen other considerations such as User Interface, Architecture and Affordability.

As analysts continue to keep their finger on the pulse of what’s required for organizations to survive and thrive in today’s rapidly shifting threat landscape, I believe LogRhythm will continue to be a leader because of our commitment and dedication to innovation and solutions that empower you to detect, respond to and neutralize even the most advanced cyber threats.

Try the SIEM Comparison Tool