When Incident Response is Critical, LogRhythm Forensic Co-Pilot Services Can Help

With the growing severity and volume of cyber threats, it’s inevitable that many organizations will fall victim to a breach that results in the loss of sensitive information. In 2015, the Ponemon Institute calculated that malicious attacks take an average of 256 days to identify before incident response can begin.

They also reported that data breaches with the highest cost have happened in the U.S—at an average per capita cost of $217. Forty-seven percent of all breaches in their study were caused by malicious or criminal attacks. These are scary statistics for anyone in charge of protecting an organization.

Even the most sophisticated SOCs know that no matter how well protected your network is today, eventually there will be an incident that your team is not prepared to handle. When that day comes, do you have an escalation point to tap into for rapid detection, response and neutralization of malicious attacks?

Even if you do not require a “boots on the ground” approach or have the budget for such a service, knowing who to call is critical. You need an expert who can step in and investigate because the threat is either beyond your team’s capacity or expertise.

LogRhythm’s new Forensic Co-Pilot Services are here to help LogRhythm customers. Our experts have decades of experience leading investigations for the world’s largest defense contractors, credit card processors, healthcare and media companies, telcom providers, and so forth.

Not only has our Forensic Co-Pilot Services team led critical forensic investigations, they have a deep knowledge of the LogRhythm NextGen SIEM Platform. This rich knowledge allows them to quickly recognize and shut down emerging threats and then use the details of the attack to buttress your environment against future attacks with custom AI Engine rules and SmartResponse plug-ins.

LogRhythm’s Forensic Co-Pilot Services experts limit an attack’s impact on your environment through forensic and malware analysis. They work to determine the cause of a security breach, identify targeted data and tell the complete story of the intrusion—all while protecting your environment from similar future attacks.

Our team provides these services using your LogRhythm platform, on a retainer or emergency basis, and delivers them remotely for maximum efficiency.

Security events happen. Let Forensic Co-Pilot Services help you reduce the impact and response time of concerning threats and then fortify your platform to prevent similar attacks.

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