Announcing LogRhythm 7!

I’m excited to share LogRhythm 7 (LR7) with you today! We built LR7 to help organizations dramatically improve their ability to detect, respond to and neutralize threats. As you’ll see below, LR7 offers an extraordinary amount of innovation—and its significant architectural improvements set the stage for even more.

What’s New?

Revolutionized Search for IT Security

Elasticsearch™ now powers LogRhythm 7’s search experience. We chose Elasticsearch because we think it is the ideal technology for serving both basic and advanced search-based analytic needs—at any scale.

With the introduction of Elasticsearch into our technology stack, we can use this technology’s native unstructured search capabilities. However, you will continue to benefit from our existing contextual search experience, built on our industry-leading Machine Data Intelligence Fabric.

With LR7, you can perform simple full-text searches, taking advantage of Elasticsearch Lucene-based indexing. Or, you can combine contextual criteria (e.g., Log Classification = Access Success) with full-text criteria (e.g., “sensitive,” “confidential,” “private”…) in the same search expression—to realize more precise results. In LR7, we have delivered what we feel is the most powerful and precise experience available in support of investigating threats and responding to incidents.

Scale Smarter

LogRhythm 7 is built for scale. We re-architected our data processing and indexing tier, introducing Elasticsearch, micro-services and clustering. These architectural changes empower you to support massive workloads and index data up to three times more quickly, in active/active high-availability architectures.

We’ve also focused on optimizing administrative workflows for environments managing hundreds of thousands of unique data sources and System Monitor agents. With LR7, we have reduced the cost of scaling while delivering a more efficient user experience.

Power Your Next-Gen Security Operations Center (SOC)

We are relentlessly trying to help our customers reduce the time that it takes you to detect and respond to threats. LogRhythm 7 features significant enhancements that deliver improved efficiencies when it comes to monitoring, investigating and responding to threats.

  • New Real-Time Threat Activity Map shows you where the threats that are targeting your organization are originating from and the locations that are being impacted—all at a glance.
  • Updated Risk-Based Scoring Algorithm provides more accurate risk ratings to help you prioritize your team’s work.
  • Incident Response Orchestration Advancements enable the creation of custom SOC workflows, enhance cross-team collaboration and improve incident management visibility.
  • Extensions to SmartResponse™ Automation Framework help you to reduce mean-time-to-respond by initiating multiple automated actions from a single alarm and remote actions on an endpoint—either automatically or manually.