BlackBerry and LogRhythm Deliver Threat Prevention, Visibility for Zero Trust Environments

Blackberry Phone

To stay on top of the latest threats, you need a broader view of malicious activity that could impact your business. While enterprises traditionally focus on desktop hardware, the mobile space is now gaining traction for cybersecurity protection as their workforces adapt to current events.

BlackBerry and LogRhythm have partnered to deliver an AI-driven approach that uses artificial intelligence to proactively hunt threats and better protect enterprises. The integration enables BlackBerry devices to be part of a broader multi-vendor Zero Trust security solution.

Protection for Laptop and Mobile Devices

BlackBerry Protect is the latest integration under the LogRhythm-BlackBerry partnership, which provides enterprise-wide, AI-based threat prevention, analysis, and response to mobile device threats. Specifically, the BlackBerry Protect architecture is a lightweight agent that integrates with the LogRhythm platform, powering mobile and laptop endpoints to detect and prevent malware and also deliver threat information to LogRhythm. BlackBerry data is combined with petabytes of other machine data that LogRhythm collects and analyzes across the distributed security environment.

LogRhythm’s ingestion of the data and analysis give analysts a holistic view of malicious activity and enable proactive detection of threats originating from or targeting an endpoint before they can result in a high-impact incident or data breach.

With LogRhythm, you can prevent compromises from snowballing. The LogRhythm NextGen SIEM Platform orchestrates threat responses across the entire security ecosystem via SmartResponse™ automation actions. Specific to BlackBerry Protect, SmartResponse actions allow for automated blacklisting of malware on endpoints protected by a BlackBerry agent.

For example, this integration can be informational such as obtaining host data, or action-oriented such as quarantining a file with a given file name or hash. This reduces the time to perform common investigation and mitigation steps, minimizing high-risk compromises.

Mobile Introduces New Cybersecurity Risk

While enterprise security solutions have historically focused on desktop devices, the BlackBerry Protect SmartResponse plugin helps address the growing threat of malware phishing attacks aimed at mobile devices, especially within applications.

As a result, mobile devices should be a key part of enterprise cybersecurity efforts. Case in point: Gartner predicts that by 2021, 27 percent of corporate data traffic will bypass perimeter security, and flow directly between mobile devices and the cloud.

Leverage Algorithmic Science and Artificial Intelligence

Organizations that combine the power of BlackBerry Protect and LogRhythm can take a prevention-first methodology with machine learning that use algorithmic science and artificial intelligence to determine whether objects are good or bad in real time. The system can detect and prioritize intrusions quickly by correlating detailed endpoint activity with other environmental context to identify early indicators of potential compromise.

With this ability, you can visualize high-priority events in a BlackBerry-specific dashboard within LogRhythm’s centralized console. Your analysts have additional support with automated investigatory and response processes, including deploying real-time countermeasures on an endpoint to expedite incident response. The joint solution also helps streamline once labor-intensive processes, including attack analysis and adaptive threat defense.

Find Value with LogRhythm SmartResponse

The BlackBerry Protect plugin is part of a larger family of LogRhythm SmartResponses. Our SmartResponse automation is a RespondX feature that automates tasks for streamlined efficiency across the security response workflow.

To download the BlackBerry Protect, visit the LogRhythm Community. For additional plugins, check out our SmartResponse Automation Plugin Library.