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Bremer Bank Enhances Security Maturity while Meeting Financial Compliance Controls with Threat Intelligence

Bremer Bank’s CCSO, Jeremiah Cruit, is no rookie when it comes to security. With years of experience and multiple SIEM deployments under his belt, he confidently selected LogRhythm’s NextGen SIEM to secure his organization. Upon deployment, LogRhythm quickly became the centerpiece of Bremer’s security—serving as the repository for all log data across the entire IT environment.

Utilizing LogRhythm enabled the Bremer team to expand overall network visibility, resulting in an enhanced ability to detect and investigate anomalous activity. Additionally, LogRhythm’s AI Engine and SmartResponse capabilities empowered the team to identify and investigate high-risk events and immediately remediate actual incidents—all without manually sorting through logs.

Incorporating Threat Intelligence

To further enhance Bremer’s security maturity, Cruit sought to supplement his internal security operations with actionable threat intelligence. Anomali ThreatStream emerged as the obvious choice for Bremer as it could provide threat intelligence from the Financial Services - Information Sharing and Analysis Center (FS-ISAC) and other providers to meet compliance requirements, as well as seamlessly integrate with LogRhythm.

Not only did the Anomali ThreatStream and the LogRhythm Platform integration help Bremer quickly and easy meet compliance requirements, but together they delivered a solution to detect security threats in real time.

Bremer Bank’s Security Challenge

As a financial services firm, Bremer is committed to continuously protecting customers and their assets. But, with an actively growing environment consisting of 1,000 servers, a vast array of networked devices, and a complex IT stack, the security and engineering teams faced a formidable task.

Before deploying LogRhythm, Bremer’s team relied on a legacy SIEM for their security needs. Unfortunately, the team wasn’t able to collect logs from necessary systems and struggled to manage the solution to get actionable insights. Cruit wanted to log and monitor every single device in his environment to enhance visibility while also supplementing his security operations with valuable threat intelligence feeds. Their existing SIEM solution simply couldn’t keep up. It was time to make a change.

To learn more about how Bremer Bank achieved comprehensive visibility, faster response times, and gained actionable intelligence through LogRhythm and Anomali ThreatStream, read the full case study.

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