Case Automation Through SmartResponse

Making sense of a barrage of alarms can be a continuous struggle for analysts in a security operations center (SOC). You don’t have the time to investigate and triage alarms that may turn out to be meaningless. And let’s be honest: Manually combing through false positive alarms isn’t anyone’s idea of fun, is it? Automation can help.

By investing a bit time up front to create rules that filter future cases, you’ll see a return of hours of saved time from your initial setup. Reprioritizing your time and focus away from mundane false positives means you can tackle real, complex incidents that require your skill and creativity as an analyst. Aggregating similar alarms into a single case, then automating common investigation actions through LogRhythm’s SmartResponse automation, provides necessary security context all in one place—allowing for faster and more accurate decisions.

In the video below, I’ve highlighted a use case for case automation through SmartResponse:

The LogRhythm NextGen SIEM Platform includes scores of pre-built SmartResponse playbook actions that provide critical threat context, effective case grouping, and fast triage to help you focus on incident response. To download the SmartResponse plug-in used in this video, visit the LogRhythm Community.