Case Enhancements in LogRhythm 7.1.5

LogRhythm 7 has made great strides in empowering organizations to detect, respond to and neutralize damaging cyber threats. The 7.1.5 release, came packed with even more enhancements and features to help you stay one step ahead of today’s most advanced cyber threats.

I’ve put together a quick presentation to highlight some of the new release enhancements. In this presentation, I’ve simulated a ransomware attack that has been detected by LogRhythm’s NetMon in the form of a high-priority alarm.

I’ll quickly demonstrate how LogRhythm’s AI Engine drill down and new case search panel can aid in incident investigation. Also, once in the Case tab, I’ll show how the case workflow can help prioritize, further investigate, neutralize and properly document the incident to provide instant insight for colleagues.

As a bonus, to make your life a bit easier, I’ll show you how to quickly create dashboards by copying widgets.

Take a peek at my latest product featurette to learn more about how the latest LogRhythm 7 enhancements give you the tools to effectively manage end-to-end case workflow.