Cybersecurity Infographic: Succeeding as a CISO in 2020

CISOs are under tremendous pressure to deliver — our cybersecurity infographic will help security leaders stay informed on the latest industry trends and statistics in order to find success in 2020 and beyond. Don’t miss these key insights!

Cybersecurity Infographic Insights

During the RhythmWorld 2020 security conference, industry leaders — from across the nation — met to discuss CISO best practices. The Modern and Evolving Security Leader panel, revealed that CISO executives have found success over the years by broadening their skill set to empower business outcomes:

“The role of the CISO has evolved dramatically. As a CISO, you definitely have to know your business and all the things that affect it, both internally and externally. – Dilip Singh, Vice President Cyber Operation at Sedara

Organizations Lack Funding for Tools and Executive Support

LogRhythm partnered with Dimensional Research® to survey over 300 security professionals and executives in the field. Results reveal that 58% of respondents believe that having increased funding for the right tools can make operations easier.

Investing in the proper SOC tools such as a SIEM solution, can drastically improve security operations and address weaknesses in a team’s security defenses; however, it can be challenging for CISOs to gain board-level approval for funding in order to implement these new technologies and processes. In fact, 57% of security leaders state their security program lacks proper executive support.

That is why it is critical that CISOs learn how to effectively communicate to the board in terms of risk to the business. Also, building strong relationships with executives can foster more trust and understanding, which can help leaders gain funding for their security program. In The Modern and Evolving Security Leader panel, LogRhythm’s CSO stated,

“A key part of being a successful CISO is finding a security champion within every organization, who can help be your advocate.” – James Carder, Chief Security Officer & Vice President of Labs, LogRhythm

How to Reduce Stress on the Security Team

With cyberthreats becoming more pervasive and unrelenting, security analysts have a lot on their plate. We asked respondents, “Which of the following would help reduce stress at your company?” and here’s what they had to say:

  • Increased security budget – 44%
  • Better cooperating from other IT Teams – 42%
  • Supportive executive team – 41%

Are you addressing each of these matters as a security leader? Being a strong advocate for your security team in order to reduce stress and improve operations is just as important as investing in your business skills to better your relationship with stakeholders.

A healthy combination of these tactics will help you succeed in 2020 and beyond. Be sure to check out our complete cybersecurity infographic below for more industry insight and tips for CISOs!

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Cybersecurity infographic: The Modern and Evolving Security Leader