Free Training: Brush Up on Your Deep Packet Analytics Rules and Dashboards

Your network is full of extremely valuable data that can be used to improve both security and operations. Unfortunately, due to the sheer volume of data, it can be difficult to effectively monitor and understand everything on your network. That is where LogRhythm Network Monitor (NetMon), custom dashboards, and Deep Packet Analytics (DPA) rules can help you.

NetMon is a powerful network forensics and traffic analytics solution. The pre-built dashboards and DPA rules can help you sort through mountains of data, analyze traffic, and raise alarms or enrich metadata. For example, the built-in ingress/egress dashboard can help you see what kinds of traffic move into our out of your network. In addition, several of the built-in system rules identify a variety of sensitive information passing in clear text. But what if out of the box isn’t enough?

Learn How to Make Custom Dashboards and Write Your Own Rules

For users, or soon to be users (download NetMon Freemium now!), that would like to know more about how to make custom dashboards, learn how DPA works, or would like to start writing your own rules, you can start with the help built into NetMon. However, I think that is like trying to learn a language by reading a dictionary (plus I’m a firm believer in demonstration). So, to learn more, you can find a new video series on our community portal.

The series covers:

  1. Intro to Dashboard: How Do I Make a Custom Dashboard?
  2. DPA Part 1: DPA Theory and Concepts (What is a DPA Rule? What Triggers a Rule? What Can a Rule Do?)
  3. DPA Part 2: Basic DPA Rule Functions (How Do I Write a DPA Rule? How Do I Access Metadata? How Do I Raise an Alarm from a Rule?)
  4. DPA Part 3: Advanced DPA Functions (How Do I Manage Memory? How Do I Parse Metadata That Has Lots of Values? How Do I Work with IP Addresses? What’s the Deal with Packet Rules?

To access these videos, and all sorts of other NetMon resources, go to the LogRhythm Community Portal and create an account.

Free Training with Perks

This free training will help you take your network monitoring and forensics to the next level. Also, we are secretly plotting to host a competition where you can showcase your custom DPA rules and dashboards. The competition called, Rule Your Network, will launch later this spring and award thousands of dollars in cash and prizes.

Download Freemium, watch the training, practice writing rules, and save your best ones for the upcoming contest.

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