Domain Privilege Escalation Vulnerability


On Tuesday, Microsoft released an emergency update to Windows Server 2003 through 2012 R2 to address a vulnerability that enables an attacker to escalate privileges for any account on a Windows Domain. The vulnerability can be detected in Windows Server 2008 and later by analyzing Windows Event Log ID 4624 and looking for a discrepancy under New Logon between the Security ID and Account Name as shown:


With LogRhythm, this is easily detected with a new AI Engine Rule that watches for any differences between the Security ID field, captured into Account and, the Account Name field, captured into Origin Login. This AIE Rule, Account Anomaly: Domain Privilege Escalation, is available with the latest knowledge base update (KB


While it is most critical to first apply Microsoft’s prescribed patch for this vulnerability, this is a helpful way to easily detect if this vulnerability has been exploited on your Windows domain.

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