Enrich Your SIEM with Real-Time Threat Intelligence

Recorded Future Intel Cards Consolidate Available Intelligence into a Single Readable View

Just as hackers often reconnoiter their intended targets to gain insight into an organization’s defenses, companies can monitor the threat landscape to see who is prowling around just outside its gates. Organizations need more than just internal network data to uncover evolving and stealthy threats. To this end, LogRhythm has partnered with Recorded Future, a company that knows best that machine learning, when combined with human expertise, is unrivaled at scaling the delivery of contextualized threat intelligence to keep organizations one step ahead of attackers.

Proactive Threat Intelligence

SIEM vendors offer a major advantage in organizing internal network data to streamline your security operations. You can further enhance your capabilities by integrating external threat intelligence into your platform, as threat intelligence is quickly becoming a key element in proactively thwarting cyberattacks.

By combining internal intelligence gathered by a SIEM with external threat intelligence, defenders have a way to empower real-time threat identification. Applying threat intelligence to the process of uncovering potential indicators of compromise helps deliver powerful security capabilities. Your internal data can be enriched with available intelligence to help you understand more about the nature of a threat.

For example: is there recent intelligence that suggests an IP address in your network is part of command-and-control infrastructure? Are you concerned your domain is being used to serve malware? Threat intelligence can help quickly recognize the existence of these threats, allowing you to begin the remediation process. This intelligence is directly related to alerts from your SIEM and includes a risk score that updates in real-time, enabling you to make faster, more informed, risk-based decisions.

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Recorded Future Intel Cards Consolidate Available Intelligence into a Single Readable View Figure 1: Recorded Future Intel Cards Consolidate Available Intelligence into a Single Readable View

A recent independent lab test revealed that, in a controlled environment, integrating real-time threat intelligence into a SIEM cuts analyst time to triage a security event from a firewall log from three minutes to 1.2 seconds on average—resulting in a 10x gain in productivity.

By correlating threat intelligence with a SIEM, defenders have better visibility into the attack surface and can proactively defend themselves against emerging threats to the business.

Faster Threat Detection

Recorded Future’s white paper “SIEM Fundamentals for Your Threat Intelligence Program” outlines not just best practices for implementing SIEM products, but also explains the benefits of enriching those products with real-time threat intelligence.

Adding threat intelligence to your LogRhythm SIEM, for instance, can help you:

  • Get a better understanding of threats for faster detection.
  • Contextualize data and make it actionable for your team.
  • Improve productivity in security operations by up to 10x its original performance.

Download the white paper  to see the benefits of integrating threat intelligence with the investment you’ve already made in your SIEM.