EPC Inc. Improves IT Operations with Actionable Insights

EPC Inc. is one of the premier IT asset recovery and end-of-life IT asset handling solution providers in the United States. Clients trust EPC to secure, process, and thoroughly wipe devices before repurposing or de-manufacturing according to local and ISO 14001 environmental standards.

EPC originally deployed LogRhythm back in 2012 to meet security and compliance needs. But after seeing LogRhythm in action, Michael Sweeney, IT manager, dug in to see how he could use the platform to improve operational processes. As the head of the lean group responsible for overseeing global IT operations and partner data, keeping everything running smoothly was a daily challenge for the team.

The Struggle to Troubleshoot Operational Issues

The team constantly encountered difficult-to-troubleshoot operational issues. Ultimately, the team had insufficient information about the events, which hindered their ability to determine the root cause of the problems. The operations team could resolve the issues, but they had little insight as to why the failures occurred so often and how to prevent them from happening again.

This break/fix cycle left the struggling team short on resources, full of frustration, and with a decreased ability to serve internal customers. The team needed a better way to troubleshoot IT issues.

Breaking the Break/Fix Cycle with Improved Efficiencies

Fortunately, with LogRhythm, the EPC team has been able to disrupt this seemingly endless cycle. By feeding every possible source of activity logs from all around the world into LogRhythm, the team has all the data it needs in one place, so they can troubleshoot operational problems and fix recurring issues. This efficiency has not only enabled the team to decrease server downtime and outages, but also save time and money.

Even more importantly, the team has been able to set up alerts that indicate an emerging situation before it turns into a real issue. Enabling them to be proactive rather than reactive.

“The visibility into the infrastructure and being able to see what events are widespread is so helpful,” says Sweeney. “LogRhythm has shown us things that we didn’t know before. It has shed light into areas that we have now been able to improve.”

To learn more about how LogRhythm has enabled EPC to streamline and improve IT operations read the full case study.

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