First Financial Bank Unifies Threat Data and Streamlines Response

LogRhythm Enables Comprehensive Visibility and Enhanced Incident Workflows

When Michael Cole took on his new role as Chief Information Security Officer at First Financial Bank (NASDAQ:FFIN), he inherited a fragmented security operations program that provided a limited visibility into the organization’s threat environment. Cole ultimately selected LogRhythm to help solve the First Financial Bank’s security and operations challenges all while realizing significant cost savings.

From the first day, LogRhythm gave First Financial Bank visibility into their entire ecosystem from a single pane of glass. Cole’s team quickly could address a variety of use cases and even improve their investigative capabilities.

The team also took advantage of pre-built and customizable features, including AI Engine rules, alarms, and dashboards. These features helped First Financial analysts organize and process information faster with more efficiency than ever before.

First Financial Bank’s Security Challenge

With 69 locations throughout Texas and more than $7.5 billion in total assets, securing and maintaining strong customer relationships is a top priority for First Financial Bank. As cybercriminals find new and more sophisticated ways to breach financial institutions, Cole’s team is committed to meeting today’s risks head-on and adapting to the evolving threat landscape.

Before adopting LogRhythm, the security operations team struggled to work with a technology stack of more than 15 different tools. As a result of the chaos, the team didn’t have the insight or visibility to understand what security incidents were occurring, what to prioritize, or how to respond appropriately. Even as some tools contained valuable threat intelligence, accessing and benefiting from that intelligence buried within systems proved immensely difficult.

To learn more about how First Financial Bank achieved comprehensive visibility, achieved faster response times, and realized significant cost savings, read the full case study.

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