Floating to Work

Well, I guess it was more like riding the rapids to work in the “express” lane. On July 14th, about 200 people “commuted” to work by tubing down Boulder Creek in the annual Tube to Work Day, an event that is growing rapidly. That was 5 times the number that did it last year.

Team LogRhythm provided a strong contingent with 80 tubers, blowing away our world record last year of 12 for the most “tube to workers” from the same company! Most of the guys had a shirt and tie, likely the only time they wore it this year. This is Boulder, of course. 🙂



Without a doubt, it’s one of the most fun, exhilarating and wacky things you’ll ever do. The river was running fast and cold with lots of fun rapids. There was actually “traffic” on this commute. It was a bit like bumper tubes at times, but everyone was helpful and would lend a hand to anyone stuck—an awesome community spirit all around.


We all got out at Broadway for a breakfast break of bagels (shaped like tubes of course), muffins and coffee, sponsored by LogRhythm. Then, most of the LogRhythm team got back in to complete the commute to our offices right off the creek at Pearl East Circle. We had work to do, of course, helping customers defend their networks from cyber criminals!


There were some bumps and bruises and one colleague who needed 9 stitches after a branch got the better of him. He’s healing well and planning to be back next year with a paddle to ward off the evil branches. Almost everyone flipped at some point and tailbones abruptly introduced themselves to rocks periodically. Other casualties included a few wedding bands lost as fingers shrank in the cold water. Fortunately, at my age, my fingers have gotten fat enough that my wedding band wasn’t going anywhere. 🙂


I did, however, make the bonehead move of taking my cell phone with me in a Zip-lock bag and forgot to double bag it this year. Last year, I wanted the ability to call if anyone got hurt. With all the people this year, that wasn’t necessary. In the end, Apple was thrilled to see me and provide me a replacement.

It was all worth it and so much more. Thanks to Jeff Kagan and his buddies for starting this awesome event years ago. I’m looking forward to TTWD 2016 already and lots more traffic!

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