Free Security Awareness Posters (You’ll Actually Want to Use)

Part 1: Passwords and Passphrases

Building a corporate security awareness program can be as challenging as it is rewarding. Employees are the most targeted resource within an organization, but they are also the first line of defense. Often times, employee security aptitude and awareness can be the difference between a failed attack attempt and a security breach.

To reinforce our defenses, strengthen our security governance program, and affirm our commitment as a leader in the IT security industry, LogRhythm launched a company-wide security awareness program at the beginning of 2017.

When building our program, we worked to satisfy several requirements. First, we wanted to promote constant security vigilance. To keep security top of mind, our training is planned to span the entire year, with monthly sessions, rather than a single event.

Second, we wanted our training program to be fun and interesting. To keep things fresh and to align with our company culture, we use of a combination of videos, written material, posters, and security exercises to deliver training.

Every few months, we rotate the theme, ranging from passwords and passphrases to phishing awareness and social engineering. For each theme, we’re providing material in bite-sized, easy-to-digest segments. Additionally, we also wanted to provide specialized training to certain groups within the company on top of the general security training content.

As we were building out our program, we quickly found that good security content was difficult to find. So, like any good security company, we decided to build some of our own. Much of what we’ve created is specific to our organization, but to help those struggling to find good content, we’ve decided to offer our first security awareness poster pack to the broader security community—for free.

Passwords and Passphrases Security Awareness Posters

We’ve successfully completed the first series of posters focused on password security. These posters are displayed around our LogRhythm offices and are now available for free download.

You can download the posters and use them in your workspace as part of your security awareness training to help remind your co-workers of some password security best practices.

Don’t forget to check back in periodically. We’ll be providing new security awareness poster packs each quarter this year.

To help educate your co-workers about passwords and password management, download the first series of security awareness posters.