Northampton County Improves Visibility and Automation with LogRhythm

LogRhythm Enhances Efficiency by Streamlining Security Operations

Bob Mace, senior information security analyst, leads a small IT team to manage and secure Northampton County’s IT infrastructure. As the team faced mounting challenges and time-consuming manual processes, Mace turned to LogRhythm.

Upon implementation, LogRhythm quickly provided a centralized web console that enhanced the team’s ability to corroborate disparate events to identify security issues and provided visibility across highly sensitive areas of the network. Two of the most critical areas included ensuring the security of the Children Youth and Families Division and the District Attorney’s Office.

Mace’s team also used LogRhythm’s automation features to multiply the effectiveness of its limited staff resources. “The automation processes are one of the top benefits we found,” Bob said, referring to LogRhythm’s SmartResponse™ feature. By not only identifying security issues, but also resolving them automatically, SmartResponse saved the team from the time-consuming task of addressing security risks manually.

About Northampton County’s Security Challenge

Northampton County, Pennsylvania, has outsourced its IT operations to Conduent (formerly known as Xerox) since 1979—making for one of the longest-running managed services agreements in the United States.

Since the late 1970s, Northampton County’s IT infrastructure has significantly evolved and new generation of security threats has arisen. As a result, the small IT security team, face plenty of challenges as they work to safeguard the network and 2,200+ county employees.

Prior to adopting LogRhythm, Mace’s small IT security staff relied on manual processes, leaving significant gaps in the review and response process. The lack of visibility into the infrastructure also made securing the sensitive data of the agencies Conduent was responsible for protecting, extremely difficult.

To learn more how Conduent Northampton County improved enterprise visibility, detection capabilities, and streamlined security operations, read the full case study.

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