One API Fits All

It’s never quite the case that “one size fits all.”“ Yes, sometimes it can be true, but for those of us who have specific requirements it can be a hard promise to live up to—and most of the time, we have to settle for slightly less than what we were looking for.

But what does this have to do with logs?

The requirements for log collection and correlation are broad, and vary from organization to organization—not to mention the number of ways we choose to consume, process and visualize that information. In response, our latest LogRhythm console offers more ways of presenting analytics than you can shake a syslog at, whether it is our inbuilt visualization tools, our dynamic tabular data layouts or the hundreds of inbuilt reports. But, what if you demand more?

The answer is among many of the new features introduced in LogRhythm 6.1, specifically our Application Programming Interface (API), which lets you develop custom solutions to leverage your LogRhythm solution with «insert programming language of choice» and consume all of that enriched, correlated data in a format limited only by your imagination (or programming capabilities!)

Some impressive features of the API:

  • Create custom dashboards for SOC/MSSP environments
  • Populate LogRhythm Entity configuration from central workflow processes
  • Geo-plot real-time security events
  • Consume LogRhythm’s correlated and enriched log information via third party systems

So, it turns out one size can indeed fit all—at least when it comes to log management. Get in touch if you’d be interested in hearing more about upgrading to LogRhythm 6.1.

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