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PowerShell and Command Line Logging

With exploits, attacks, and hackers using PowerShell more and more, it’s critical to know when powershell.exe is running on a system and what commands run from within it. Windows Security logs can tell you that PowerShell.exe has been created, but…

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Construction worker in a light rail tunnel

Critical Infrastructure Protection

In today’s cyberthreat landscape, threat actors are drawn to organizations that operate within critical infrastructure (CI) sectors, such as oil and gas, financial services, telecommunications, mass transportation, public healthcare, etc. When targeting legacy control systems operating within a critical infrastructure…

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LogRhythm Network Champion Gene Cupstid

LogRhythm Champion: Gene Cupstid

The LogRhythm Champions Network is an exclusive community of LogRhythm’s most passionate and strategic customers. This elite group of customer leaders in the InfoSec community are experts in all things LogRhythm. The LogRhythm Champions Network works to recognize these leaders…

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