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Understanding a Basic Web Attack Using Log Data

A colleague of mine recently asked me to take a look at some logs he was investigating. The LogRhythm Web Application Defense Module had initially keyed him into the suspicious behavior and he was now examining the raw logs to…

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Federal Compliance Update FedRAMP

The U.S. Federal Government has expanded their service offerings by outsourcing infrastructure to cloud-based services providers. The use of cloud-based services comes with inherent risk. However, the Federal Office of Management and Budget (OMB) has been working diligently over the…

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Using Logger to Send File Data to SYSLOGD

If you find yourself needing to have the contents of an ASCII text file written to syslog, then consider the use of the logger command. This comes with most Unix distributions and has also been ported to the Windows platform.…

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Controlling Access to Windows 2008 Event Logs

On systems running 2003, any user account needing the ability to read other system’s event logs required that the registry to be edited and some SDDL (Security Descriptor Definition Language) entries be made on all respective remote systems. In 2008 it has…

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The Benefits of Logging Disk Space Warnings or Errors

Disk capacity requirements will vary depending on the purpose of the associated system and applications utilizing the storage space. When there is no longer any free disk space available, the effect can be minor to border-line catastrophic. And a catastrophic failure usually…

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Key Features of 6.0

We are incredibly excited to share with you the new features available in our 6.0 release. This update provides an amazing depth of functionality and features to expand the impact SIEM can deliver to any organization. We are fortunate at LogRhythm…

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