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Adding Items to a LogRhythm List via SmartResponse Plugins

SmartResponse™ Plugins allow LogRhythm alarm and AI Engine rules to launch nearly any scriptable action. The most widely-used SmartResponse Plugin is Add Item to List. This plugin makes additions to LogRhythm lists. For example, adding a benign IP or URL…

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Taking Advantage of Default Settings

While at Black Hat this year I attend a great talk by security researcher Aditya K Sood. He discussed at length, the Fundamental Weaknesses in Botnet C&C Panels. One of the major talking points he hit on was the major…

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Xfinity Pineapple

Notice: LogRhythm nor the author of this blog post are liable for any illegal activities conducted with this information. LogRhythm does not condone or support such activity. This post is simply a proof-of-concept to explore the risks of open wireless…

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University of Michigan Releases ZMap

Researchers at the University of Michigan recently released a new scanning and probing utility called ZMap capable of scanning hosts over 1300 times faster than the common open source tool NMap. In testing it was able to scan the entire…

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Some Thoughts on Black Hat and DEFCON

After attending Black Hat and DEFCON this year, I noticed that there wasn’t an overarching theme, like the Cloud, APTs or Big Data that prior years have seemed to focus on. Given the recent disclosures about NSA surveillance programs, privacy was…

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