Protect Your Business with LogRhythm and Palo Alto Networks

Enable Comprehensive End-to-End Threat Lifecycle Management

Cyber criminals are compromising organizations at an unprecedented rate. To counter these attacks, security teams must leverage multiple security solutions to build and strengthen security operations.

If done incorrectly, using multiple solutions isn’t a good thing. Especially if you and your team have to jump in and out of interfaces in attempts to gather information needed to execute actions.

That’s where the seamless integration of Palo Alto Networks and LogRhythm comes in. By enabling comprehensive end-to-end threat lifecycle management, LogRhythm and Palo Alto Networks work together to provide a streamlined solution to keep your company one step ahead.

A Unified Tool to Reduce Time to Detect and Respond to Cyber Threats

The primary goal of our technology partnerships is to consistently deliver value to our customers to enable them to defend themselves from damaging cyber threats. With LogRhythm and Palo Alto Networks you get:

  • Enhanced analytics capabilities
  • Increased environment visibility and deep context to other activity streams
  • Automated SmartResponse™ plug-ins to instantly initiate actions on your next-generation firewall
  • Context enhanced audit trail of all firewall configuration activity
  • Insightful dashboards and intelligently prioritized alarms

See the integration in action below.

By using both LogRhythm and Palo Alto Networks, you can dramatically reduce the time to detect and respond to a constantly evolving threat landscape in a single, unified tool.

To learn more about our integration, including use cases, read Chris Martin’s blog from Ignite 2016 or check out the solution brief.