Ready to Rule Your Network?

I am often amazed at how much fun I get to have as a Technical Product Manager for LogRhythm NetMon. Today, for example, I get to announce a new contest where you can use your NetMon instance to win some big cash prizes! I also get to be a judge—so I’ll get to see how many fascinating and crazy ways that you might find to use NetMon.

Are You Ready to Rule Your Network?

If you are up for the challenge, all you need to do is:

  1. Download NetMon Freemium, or use your enterprise version.
  2. Use NetMon features, such as DPA rules, query rules, or dashboards, to create a solution and enter it to one of the three categories.
  3. Post your solution to the Rule Your Network challenge page on DevPost.

The Challenge Categories

In this challenge, you can enter your solution in three categories:

  • Novel Threat Detection: The cyber-world is full of malicious traffic. Can you isolate and validate a unique or interesting network threat using NetMon?
  • Best Security Hunting Dashboard or Use Case: Evidence of breaches are there if you know where to look. Can you create a NetMon dashboard or use case that gives a security analyst the best possible chance to see a critical piece of evidence?
  • Best IT Operations Use Case: The line between security needs and operational IT needs continues to blur. Can you create a dashboard or use case that leverages network data to solve an IT operations need with NetMon?

Want some ideas? Well…

  • We know WannaCry leveraged the “EternalBlue” technique from a batch of highly publicized exploits. What other techniques are in that batch that are just as easy to detect as EternalBlue?
  • Using just one dashboard (and possibly some DPA rules), can you passively identify significant vulnerabilities in a network with less than 30 minutes of network traffic?
  • Where does all that bandwidth go? How many hours does your company spend watching Netflix, listening to Pandora, or using Giphy to send animated pictures?

What Are the Prizes?

Cash! The first prize in each category earns a cool $5,000. Second place gets $1,000. Third place gets a free copy of NetMon Freemium.

How Can I Get Started?

Your best resources are:

Can I Get Help?

Of course! The NetMon Community is open to everyone. Post your questions and we’ll do our best to answer.

Who is Judging and How Does Judging Work?

For official rules, see our Rule Your Network challenge page on DevPost.

The judges are members of the LogRhythm Network Monitor development team, our Threat Intelligence team, and our executive team. If you read the LogRhythm blog, you may already be familiar with many of our judges, including our own famous Greg Foss.

Go to the DevPost page for full details and to enter!