RSA Bound: Thoughts from a First Timer and Industry Newbie

RSA 2017: My First RSA Conference

I’m heading out to my first RSA conference experience in just under a week. After much discussion with my director, we decided it would be a good use of my 2017 training dollars to have me go to the conference as an attendee, rather than as a vendor at our booth.

Late last year, I booked my flight to San Francisco. I also purchased the All-Inclusive Full Conference Pass and already cannot wait for those four Cy-Brew Café drink tickets.

I’ve been anxiously perusing the RSA Website nearly every single day since. I’ve stalked sessions, hotel options, keynote times, and any other piece of information I could find in order to be best prepared.

I have registered for the virtual sessions, downloaded the conference app, worked to memorize our expense policy (no unauthorized this, that, and definitely not the other thing), figured out the best transportation options, and connected with others from LogRhythm who are attending.
What can I say? I want to ensure I make the most out of my time at RSA.

My RSA Schedule

I’ll be attending sessions ranging from “Analytics v. Bacon: Which Would You Choose?” to “Machine Learning – Cybersecurity Boon or Boondoggle.” Of course, I plan on being at the extremely popular and sure to be standing-room only session, “Charting the Course to GDPR: Setting Sail.”

In my spare time, I’ll be wandering the show floor, bothering my colleagues at our booth, and trying to see as many keynotes as possible. I may even try to find some time to go for a run on the wonderfully hilly streets of San Francisco or visit a whiskey bar.

However, I am most looking forward to the sensory and information overload that will allow me to learn more about this industry and where we are heading.
Stay tuned for updates on my first RSA conference experience in the coming weeks!