RSA Bound: Thoughts from a First Timer and Industry Newbie, Part 2

Day One Completed

I have to say after spending five plus years in the live events industry, I was thoroughly impressed with the efficiency of the packet pickup and registration process. The RSA Conference Staff, Moscone Center team, and the City of San Francisco seem to have this one down to a science. Plus, for the first time in years I finally received the “free stuff” bag, which was a welcome change!

Sessions for the Security Novice

So, how did I spend day one? Well, besides wading through a swarm of vendors, food samples, and similar, I spent the entire day immersed in one hour sessions. Yesterday’s overall theme was Security 101, where various sessions covered security topics for those of us with less than 5 years of experience in the industry.

Session topics included the industry at large, encryption, Blockchain, containers, Ransomware, Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning, and Security Analytics. The sessions tended to be a good mix of technical and high-level concepts with a rich Q&A that showed a true diversity of the audience. The sessions that I liked most began with a seemingly unrelated story that expertly tied in highly applicable concepts and technical explanations.

RSA in A Word: Overwhelming

The RSA blogs, website, and buzz, were all accurate in describing the size and scale of the show floor. You truly have to have a plan for navigating the show floor, just as you do for your sessions, to make sure that you see everything that you want to. After just a few minutes, I retreated to put together a plan of action to see the booths and content I needed to focus on. Luckily, our Product Management team has provided a good overview of top competitors, cool technologies, and critical partners to focus on, that will get me started.

RSA Day Two Plan

Today’s plan is much of the same. I’m looking forward to the keynotes and briefing session throughout the day. Then my evening plans include the legendary RSA party circuit. Somewhere mixed in between I’ll attempt to execute my plan for the expo floor, catch up with old co-workers, take copious notes, and other things I am sure I am forgetting at the moment.

Overall, it’s been a very positive and not too exhausting of a first day here at the show. I can speak for the whole LogRhythm crew (keep up with our RSA schedule on Twitter) when I say, we’ve got a good energy (maybe from the coffee) and are all excited for the first “big” day today! In my next blog I’ll give you an update on the keynotes and dive into one or two of my favorite sessions.

Until next time…