Sera-Brynn Quickly Responds to Cyber Incidents with Portable Network Forensics

Difficulties Turning Network Data into Actionable Information

Networks process and ensure the transfer of hundreds of terabytes of data per minute. Thus, networks have become crucial sources of data to gather indicators of compromise and gain visibility into an IT environment.

Unfortunately, monitoring and understanding network data for cybersecurity purposes has traditionally been difficult. For Sera-Brynn, a global “Top 10” Cybersecurity Audit and Advisory firm, the inability to use network data efficiently as part of cybersecurity investigations was a major challenge. The company’s security professionals required a traffic analytics and network forensics solution that could speed up analysis, deliver results quickly, provide intuitive features, and could be set up easily in the field.

Threat Detection and Network Investigations Made Easy with LogRhythm Network Monitoring (NetMon)

To meet their challenges, Sera-Brynn turned to LogRhythm NetMon—a network forensics and traffic analytics solution. NetMon provides full packet capture and deep network visibility for threat detection and incident response in one easy-to-use package.

By running NetMon on portable Intel NUC mini computers, Sera-Brynn’s consultants can bring the solution wherever they need to go as part of their incident response “go bag.” This allows for mobile stealthy data collection, increased visibility into their clients’ networks, and the ability to drastically reduce the time required to investigate breaches.

“There is no question LogRhythm’s NetMon helps Sera-Brynn quickly respond to cyber incidents. It enables us to detect lateral movement, command-and-control activity and perform other tell-tale actions of cyber adversaries with speed and precision so we can eliminate the threat quickly and mitigate risk for our clients.” -Darek Dabbs, chief information officer (CIO) Sera-Brynn

Learn more about how NetMon provides crucial network information and analysis to Sera-Brynn in support of incident investigation and response. Read the full case study below, and then try NetMon for free by downloading NetMon Freemium.

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