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Introducing LogRhythm Echo

LogRhythm strives to make it as easy to run useful analytics on your security data. With Echo, you now have access to the same tools we use to demonstrate the value of LogRhythm analytics and to build confidence in the analytics that power the industry's leading NextGen SIEM Platform.

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Looking Back at LogRhythm Labs' 2018 Predictions for Security - How Did We Do?

About this time every year, the LogRhythm Labs team watches bird flights, performs divination rituals, and contemplates what might happen in the world of information security in the coming year. Last year, we started a new tradition of examining our past predictions. Now it’s time to look at our predictions for 2018 and see how we did!

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Your Questions About New U.S. State-Level Data Protection Laws Answered

This year, at least 11 U.S. states passed new or updated laws, with several specifically focused on data breach notification and data protection. From Alabama implementing its first data breach notification law to California passing its Consumer Privacy Act and Virginia updating its breach notification law to incorporate tax information, states have led the way when it comes to data protection legislation in the U.S. Colorado, LogRhythm’s home state, is one of the most recent ones to do so. And whether or not you’re located in Colorado, you should take note of these changes — as your own state may have implemented similar laws (or will soon).

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