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LogRhythm Precision Search: An Unstructured Journey

Unstructured information is typically text-heavy, but it may also contain data such as dates, numbers and facts. This results in irregularities and ambiguities that make it difficult to understand using traditional programs, as compared to data stored in field form in databases or annotated (semantically tagged) in documents. Finding this data that contains so much useful (and sometimes vital) metadata is now becoming the norm. Working for a large enterprise or a SMB can have very similar challenges when it comes to data mining.

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Agent SmartResponse Host Checking

How can you find out if a SmartResponse plug-in using PowerShell will run on a specific System Monitor Agent host? Also, with what user context will the SmartResponse plug-ins execute? Windows PowerShell execution policies let you determine the conditions under which PowerShell loads configuration files and runs scripts. We would like to find out what that setting is on a specific host that has a System Monitor Agent installed. Read more about execution policies.

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