The 10 Best Reasons to Work for LogRhythm

At LogRhythm, our goal is simple: help our customers defend against cyberthreats. Every day we work to transform cybersecurity by combining the most advanced security technology and solutions with good old ingenuity. We design, develop, and deliver awesome solutions that help keep our customers out of the news.

We work hard, but we also play hard. Our focus on culture and community ensures that our employees love coming to work in the morning. Who says hard work can’t be fun?

The LogRhythm team is constantly growing—check out current job opportunities. But first, hear from our employees, as they weigh in on the 10 best reasons to work for LogRhythm:

1. Tube to Work Day, DogRhythm, Logtoberfest, Free Food Friday, and More!

“From our own version of Oktoberfest, Logtoberfest, to bring your dog to work day, better known as DogRhythm, I feel like I’m always looking forward to the next LogRhythm event. Free Food Friday brightens up my whole week. It’s great to work at a place that makes a genuine effort to ensure the whole team is happy and having a good time.”

“We spent a day commuting to work via inner tube. Our CEO and top executives jumped into Boulder Creek wearing full suits.”

Figure 1: LogRhythm Senior Recruiter, Tyler Sparks, Tubes to Work in Style

2.  A Focus on Continuous Innovation

“The best thing about working at LogRhythm is the ability to work with and in so many different cases. In my role I perform research to learn about emerging viruses and trends as they happen in real time. I then design solutions tailored to fit customer needs. My work is like trying to figure out a very complex, constantly movingand shifting puzzle. Once I’ve solved one puzzle, I get a sense of satisfaction, well at least until the next nefarious piece of software appears in the wild.”

3. The People

“When you still talk to your colleagues in a social capacity after work hours, you know you’ve made friends.”

Figure 2: The LogRhythm Team Attends a Colorado Rockies Baseball Game

4. Our Mission: To Fight Cybercrime

“I get satisfaction from the thought that we are doing actual good in the world. Even though I am not personally catching hackers, I feel like the work we do at LogRhythm is making a big difference to companies small and large. We enable organizations to take their security into their own hands. Our customers can be vigilant and keep their network safe, and we provide the tools to make that happen.”

/ Figure 3: LogRhythm EMEA Vice President and Managing Director, Ross Brewer, Responds to the 2017 WannaCry Ransomware Attacks on BBC

5. The Culture

“Our culture is defined by our corporate values, and we try hard to live by them. Values such as integrity, teamwork, leadership, and more are evident in our day-to-day. We recognize good work, provide our personnel with feedback, and reflect our values in our general office behavior. Thanks to the LogRhythm culture, we have an environment that is truly a joy to work in.”

“It’s never boring at LogRhythm. This is a fast-paced development team that is constantly innovating and using new technologies. There is always something new to learn. The environment is very collaborative and everyone shares information.”

6.  Our Open-Door Policy and Approachable Executive Team

“The company treats us as individuals—no questions go unanswered and doors are always open. LogRhythm is not a top down company, everyone’s opinions matter and ideas, no matter how small, are explored. I really wouldn’t want to be anywhere else!”

“Our CEO rapped at our most recent companywide sales kickoff event. Needless to say we have a pretty friendly, casual relationship with our executives here at LogRhythm.”

/ Figure 4: LogRhythm CEO, Andy Grolnick, Enjoys a Company Happy Hour

7.  Investment in Education

“LogRhythm has me taking two classes right now. They really care about my education and success. My bosses want to make sure I am constantly learning new things. It’s great to work for a company that invests so much in both my personal and professional growth.”

8. Our Global Footprint

“It’s awesome getting the opportunity to learn new things from my co-workers from all over the globe. I regularly do business with the LogRhythm team in the UK and Singapore, and love to see the results when we all put our minds together and get down to work.”

Figure 5: The LogRhythm Asia Pacific Japan Team Wins the 2017 Frost and Sullivan Best Practices Award in the Asia Pacific Region

9. Path for Career Growth

“LogRhythm has provided great opportunities to help me develop professionally and progress my career. From my experience, management works hard to identify top performers and to provide a path to grow internally. It’s clear LogRhythm values the individual and is willing to invest in my success.”

“I started here as an intern and was then hired on to work full time. In the year and a half I’ve been here, I’ve seen so many friends and co-workers move up in their careers. It’s a really encouraging thing to witness first hand.”

10. Headquartered in Boulder

It doesn’t get much better for the work/life balance than Boulder. With access to a world-class hiking, skiing, brewery, and music scene, you can’t help but be excited to work within such a thriving, enjoyable community.”

/ Figure 6: LogRhythm Koozie held over a Rocky Mountain Backdrop

At LogRhythm, we focus on making an impact on both our customers and employees. We help our customers defend against cyberattacks and protect their business. We also strive to ensure our employees have a strong work-life balance and love doing their job.

Want to join the LogRhythm team? View our current job opportunities.