Streamline Your Day with the All-New NetMon 4

LogRhythm NetMon User Interfae

Here at LogRhythm, we strive to keep improving the security analyst experience. Our latest workflow improvements have arrived with LogRhythm NetMon 4, in which we’ve made it easier and faster to surface threats and investigate issues on your network. We also thought you’d enjoy an updated UI. Before diving into these updates, as a reminder, current NetMon customers can download our latest and greatest version from the LogRhythm Community. You don’t have to be a LogRhythm customer to check out NetMon 4, though. We have a free version that lets you explore all these new features and capabilities for yourself, which you can download here.

And with that, let’s get into some of our favorite updates in NetMon 4:

Figure 1: The new and improved NetMon UI.

Dark Mode

Dark Mode has been a popular request, and we heard you! NetMon 4 features dark mode to ease eye fatigue and blend in with all the other dark mode applications you’re using in your SOC. But don’t worry: if you enjoy the classic white mode, we still have that option for you.


Have you longed for new types of visualizations to more easily spot interesting stuff on your network? With our move to Kibana 7, you now have new options to add to your dashboards, including dynamic controls, area graphs, gauges, heat maps, and tag clouds. Dashboards

In addition to the new visualizations mentioned above, NetMon 4 delivers several dashboard enhancements to streamline the monitoring of your network.

For example, dashboards now support live updating. You no longer have to manually click “refresh,” as you have the option to automatically refresh data at specified intervals. Traditional snapshot dashboard views, useful for forensic investigations, still exist as well.

Would you like to quickly access your recently used dashboards? Now you can from the main user interface. Additionally, you can now see all your dashboards — even your custom ones — in the “Analyze” menu. On top of that, dashboards — including all the component widgets — are easier to import and export. To find new dashboards, be sure to keep an eye on our Community, and don’t be shy about sharing your favorite custom dashboards!

Query Improvements

Are you querying ranges of IP addresses? Maybe you only want to see network data from certain groups in your dashboard views? Now you have an easier way to do this, as NetMon 4 supports Classless Inter-Domain Routing (CIDR) notation. Query performance is also significantly improved with our move to Elasticsearch 7.

Manual Configuration Mode

We’ve had requests to allow for persistent overriding of NetMon’s network configuration settings. For example, say you want to designate a capture interface that is not explicitly specified within NetMon’s autoconfiguration options. NetMon 4 offers you the ability to customize the configuration of your management, recovery, and capture interfaces through Manual Network Configuration mode. Your settings won’t be overridden in this mode.

Try It Now

We’re excited for you to start using NetMon 4! And after you do, please share your favorite new features.