The LogRhythm NextGen SIEM Platform Moves to the Cloud

LogRhythm Desktop Dashboard

Principle Development Objectives for LogRhythm Cloud

Building our award-winning NextGen SIEM Platform as a SaaS offering has been in the works for some time. When we initiated the project, our principle objective was quite simple: to deliver the most complete NextGen SIEM-as-a-SaaS offering in the market today. We strove to deliver a complete platform for managing the end-to-end threat lifecycle — spanning visibility, detection, and response. Essentially, we wanted to deliver the exact same LogRhythm NextGen experience in the cloud that customers receive on-prem — not a watered-down version.

Our secondary objective was to ensure that our existing customers would be able to easily upgrade to LogRhythm Cloud when ready. We know how much time and energy our customers have invested customizing LogRhythm to meet the specific needs of their security operations. We wanted to ensure customer investments would be retained when migrating from on-prem to SaaS, bringing with them their existing configuration, custom analytics, custom automations, etc. When a customer decides LogRhythm Cloud is right for them, we wanted their migration to be simple and fast, ensuring their security operations center (SOC) doesn’t miss a beat.

Introducing LogRhythm Cloud

With LogRhythm Cloud, we have brought the completeness of our full-featured NextGen SIEM Platform to the market as a SaaS deployment. Our cloud offering provides the full breadth of our log management capabilities, security analytics capabilities, and out-of-the-box support for compliance automation and advanced threat detection. In support of delivering the most complete NextGen SIEM SaaS offering, LogRhythm Cloud also includes our full security orchestration, automation, and response (SOAR) capabilities.

For teams to successfully respond to threats quickly, SOAR is one of the most critically enabling capabilities for the modern SOC. We wanted to ensure our SaaS customers could benefit from our workflow-integrated case management, threat intelligence integration, playbooks, and automation. We know how critical SOAR is when it comes to enabling security operation teams to reduce enterprise mean time to detect (MTTD) and mean time to respond (MTTR).

When we compare LogRhythm Cloud to other competitive SIEM SaaS offerings, it’s clear that many are years behind in product maturity and feature set — or that their cloud offering is a watered-down version of their on-prem solution. We are confident we have realized our objective of delivering the most complete and mature NextGen SIEM-as-a-service offering available today.

How LogRhythm Cloud Benefits our Customers

Organizations are investing more time and resources to reduce cyber risk than ever. Even so, they are struggling to keep up. Teams are often short staffed, overwhelmed by threats, and managing a myriad of tools and technologies to power their security operations center. There are three principle ways in which LogRhythm Cloud will benefit customers by getting the most out of the technology investments and security operations teams:

  • LogRhythm Cloud delivers an end-to-end solution for realizing enterprise Threat Lifecycle Management (TLM). Instead of trying to realize TLM via a collection of disparate technologies, LogRhythm Cloud customers enjoy a comprehensive offering designed to work as a whole — realizing the best MTTD and MTTR at the lowest total cost of ownership.
  • The LogRhythm Cloud user experience delivers end-to-end workflow, designed for speed, from alarm triage to threat neutralization. Our embedded SOAR capabilities deliver automation, consistency, and measurability. This ensures security operations teams get the most out of every minute and that CISOs understand the health and capacity of their SOC.
  • With LogRhythm Cloud, we provide infrastructure management, software updates, 24×7 health monitoring, and content updates — removing these tasks from the security operations teams’ to-do list. With LogRhythm Cloud, customers can recover time spent managing infrastructure, and instead, better use the rare time and talent of their people to defend their organizations from cyberthreats.

When it comes down to it, our goal as a company has always been to help our customers defend themselves from damaging cyberthreats. It’s why we get up in the morning, and why we value innovation so highly in our company. The team at LogRhythm is immensely pleased and proud to deliver to the market and to our customers what we believe to be the new standard in NextGen SIEM-as-a-service. But what ultimately matters most is that LogRhythm Cloud furthers our mission to protect our customers and the world from damaging cyberthreats.

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