Why Do Our Customers Choose LogRhythm? IT Central Station Dives In

Over the last year, the IT Central Station team reached out to LogRhythm customers with one goal: to find out what made them choose LogRhythm as their SIEM solution.

As we looked into this customer feedback, we discovered that many LogRhythm users provided reviews that highlighted four particular benefits (among others) that made the LogRhythm NextGen SIEM Platform a strong contender in the SIEM market. In this post, we will highlight these features in more detail through the lens of unbiased reviews from LogRhythm customers.

Extensive Support for Log Collection and Processing

One major theme that is apparent in LogRhythm’s IT Central Station reviews is the technology’s robust log aggregation and processing capabilities:

“The most valuable feature of LogRhythm for me is the ability to correlate logs throughout many different log sources. Every different log has a different time stamp, it has a different user, things are in different places. But with LogRhythm you can take all of your logs from all the different sources and make them relevant to each other.”

Eric Knopp, data security program manager at an insurance company

“We’re doing almost 10,000 EPS right now and we have anywhere between 5000 and 6000 servers, and a couple thousand network devices more or less. Our goal is pretty much to gather all those logs. Keeping track of when new servers are deployed and new network equipment gets put out there and then have them report to LogRhythm. That’s mainly the biggest challenge so far. Mostly for us the most valuable feature is its aggregation of all the logs into a single platform, and then doing the real-time monitoring based on that.”

Security Architect at a leisure / travel company

Enhanced Enterprise-Wide Visibility

The visibility that LogRhythm delivers is another result that LogRhythm users point out as truly exceptional in their reviews:

“It has helped us gain visibility into events that we didn’t have before at all. We have a lot of remote locations. We manage national parks and point-of-sale devices on ships, at the top of mountains and little cabins, gas stations in the middle of Death Valley; we have a lot of difficulty around trying to keep an eye on things, and LogRhythm lets us have agents running almost anywhere we want.”

Aaron Mueller, security analyst at Xanterra

“[LogRhythm] gives me visibility of all the departments in my company, not just the IT department. I’m able to see the actions and behaviors of the whole company, not just on my campus, but remotely as well.”

Manager of Cyber Security at a healthcare company

Advanced Threat Detection

The LogRhythm platform’s ability to help users defend their organization from threats is another theme that stood out in user reviews.

“LogRhythm has been extremely efficient in helping us find the bad guys, who are really out there, targeting businesses like us… LogRhythm has given us the kind of insight we need to understand when those threats either are being recon-ed, found out, or when they’re really trying a brute force attack. It’s excellent for that.”

Jack Callaghan, senior security analyst at a financial services firm

“Before the LogRhythm solution, if someone was trying to log in to a server with a local admin account, I would have no way of knowing that. Nothing would log it, audit it, and it would never show up. Now, I get an AI Engine alarm every time that happens, because it is considered a pass the hash attack.”

Kevin Merolla, security manager at a manufacturing company

“LogRhythm has been very successful for us is in this year’s penetration test. I caught the pen testers five times in the course of their duties. That was just great ammunition to show that this works.”

Seth Shestack, deputy CISO at Temple University

Simplify and Accelerate Compliance Efforts

The final prevalent theme from LogRhythm’s user reviews is the platform’s ability to help users with compliance needs:

“For me, the [LogRhythm] NERC compliance modules are probably the best thing. And the system monitors, they really pick up a lot for me. It helps you get an eagle-eye view and then delve down granularly. The ease of that is pretty amazing.”

Network security professional at an energy company

“We got [LogRhythm] for PCI compliance for the most part, and we also do SOC 1 and SOC 2 compliance, so we can show that we’re secure to our clients. We have a lot of financial and other customers that care about security with the kind of business that we do… We want to have visibility into everything that is going on in our network, be able to respond, and do incident response using LogRhythm as our main console.”

Reno T., senior security engineer at Augeo Marketing

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