Your Best Work Hack: LogRhythm’s Tips & Tricks

Keeping your organization protected from threats is no easy task. It’s crucial to get the most out of your security platform.

But how do you stay on top of all of your platform’s features and functionalities? Where can you find support for your biggest security concerns? The answers lie in LogRhythm’s Tips & Tricks webinar series.

What is Tips & Tricks?

Tips & Tricks is a no-cost training alternative that LogRhythm offers as a monthly webinar series. These webinars are specially designed for you, our customers, to teach you new ways to use your LogRhythm platform. The Tips & Tricks webinars usually consist of a slideshow presentation with a live demo followed by Q&A.

Why You Should Attend

This webinar series is geared toward helping you get the most value from your LogRhythm deployment and learn new ways to keep your organization secure from threats and incidents. Beyond learning best practices, here are the key reasons why you should attend a Tips & Tricks webinar:

1.     No-travel training: Classes and seminars can be resource burdens. They often require preparation, money, travel, your full attention, and more than anything else, the thing you don’t have enough of: time. Your time is valuable and should be well spent. Our goal is to deliver quick and effective training that is easy to consume.

2.     Interactive support: The Tips & Tricks webinar series gives you an extra avenue for support from a diverse group of LogRhythm experts. If you have questions during the webinar, you can type them in and get a response from someone who has the answers. Knowing who your internal LogRhythm product experts are and tagging them will also give you a leg up when posting on the LogRhythm Community.

3.     Unique content: We strive to develop Tips & Tricks webinars with dynamic training approaches on an alternating variety of topics that you won’t hear anywhere else. We don’t just show you how to do something; we guide you through it.

4.     Flexible viewing anytime: You can watch and re-watch recordings of Tips & Tricks webinars on-demand any time. These recordings can bring a new co-worker up to speed on a specific topic, troubleshoot tricky issues while keeping you out of the support queue, and offer you tangible ideas to discuss with your boss. On-demand viewing also makes the content easy to reference, so you can copy step-by-step instructions. You can also easily share the content with your team.

How to Get More Value from Tips & Tricks

Earn Community Badges

Show your stuff and power up your team with LogRhythm Community badges! On the LogRhythm Community, you can earn a set of badges that recognize when you engage with the Tips & Tricks series. The more you watch, the better the bragging rights!

Post in Community

Maybe you have additional questions from a Tips & Tricks webinar. Or maybe you’ve applied the use case in your own environment and want to share your knowledge. Create a Community post. We love it when our viewers get involved — from suggesting topics to continuing the conversation in a forum — we welcome all ideas! You can continue the conversation by adding a post with your questions from an on-demand webcast.

Join us each month for our Tips & Tricks webinar. We’re looking forward to connecting with you!