Next-Gen SIEM and Threat Lifecycle Management Platform

Accelerate your threat detection and response. Avoid damaging data breaches.

Intrusions happen, threats emerge—see them when they do and neutralise them fast. Our unified SIEM and Threat Lifecycle Management Platform will modernise your security operations with big-picture visibility and actionable intelligence.

When intrusions happen, speed matters

Your team has alarm fatigue. Intrusions are being missed. A data breach could be next. Knowing what to investigate—and doing so quickly—is imperative. From detection to response, our SIEM was built for speed.

Accelerate your threat management workflow

Your team is struggling to keep up. Your security operation needs to be more efficient. LogRhythm is the only SIEM designed to support the end-to-end threat detection and response workflow—what we call Threat Lifecycle Management™. Realise streamlined operations and lower total cost of ownership with our unified platform.

Focus on the threats, not the tools

To kill advanced threats, you need automation and integrated workflow. Don’t waste time maintaining a collection of disparate tools. Detect and respond faster with our integrated next-gen capabilities.

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LogRhythm's intuitive interface provides an easy-to-use set of tools to quickly and efficiently identify the root cause of detected abnormalities. This allowed us to respond more quickly to security events.

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