EMW Law Protects Important Client Data with LogRhythm

Protecting confidential client data is a key priority for EMW. Following an annual audit, EMW recognised the need to implement a more centralised logging and alerting solution that would allow them to quickly and easily identify and mitigate potential threats. They selected LogRhythm’s Security Intelligence Platform, which correlates all network activity, enabling the company to have a single-pane of glass view across their entire security estate.

EMW is a law firm that specialises in commercial law with a focus in corporate finance, banking, real estate, employment, litigation, IP and commercial contracts. With a headcount of 175, EMW has offices in Milton Keynes and London. The firm opened their doors for business in 1992 and have since been growing and acquiring new partners to expand their team and customer base.

EMW Law Case Study UK

The Challenge

The nature of EMW’s business and the data it holds means that their clients’ security and privacy is of the upmost importance. Prior to using LogRhythm’s Security Intelligence Platform, the company’s IT team was finding that manually identifying vulnerabilities or threats was putting a strain on their time and resources. In 2016, the organisation conducted its annual auditing process, which revealed the growing need for a centralised solution that would automatically alert them as soon as any anomalous activity was picked up.

“While we had precautions in place, we weren’t making the most of security intelligence tools before LogRhythm, so this was a completely new type of system for us,” said Lee Killner, IT Manager at EMW. “We previously used multiple systems working autonomously, as opposed to a centralised process, which was time consuming to manage. We needed a solution that we could rely on to routinely identify and notify us of any malicious activity— LogRhythm has made this process a lot easier.”

The Solution

Keen to solve the challenging situation, EMW went through a tender process and looked at a number of different solutions to find what would best suit their needs. Ultimately, the organisation found that LogRhythm was in a different league and much more cost effective. “We could see where we could get a high return on investment (ROI),” continued Killner.

“We saw the benefits of LogRhythm’s solution right away. While previously we had to log our security data across multiple different systems, we now had one platform that could monitor the entire network from one place. By taking a more centralised approach to security, our team can investigate alerts straightaway, which not only gives us a much better chance of halting an attack before it has a chance to cause any damage, but it saves our team a lot of time manually looking for threats. In fact, what used to take us several hours to do, I can now do in a couple of minutes. It’s almost too easy to use.”