Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust Protects Critical Patient Data with LogRhythm’s NextGen SIEM Platform

Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust protects critical patient data with LogRhythm’s NextGen SIEM Platform

As the healthcare industry’s infrastructure becomes increasingly connected, the threat of a cyber-attack grows. Protecting confidential data is a key priority for Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust, who recognised the need for a more efficient, robust security system that would enable them to detect suspicious activity from a single-pane of glass view, quickly and effectively. By selecting LogRhythm’s NextGen SIEM Platform, which provides end-to-end threat management, the Trust has gained full visibility into its network and is able to detect potential threats in half the time it took previously.

Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust Case Study UK

The Organisation

Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust was founded in 1882 and aims to be the safest organisation in the NHS by providing clean, personal care to its
patients. An integrated provider of hospital, community and primary care services, including the University Teaching Trust, it has a team of 7,000 staff who provide local services to the City of Salford and specialist services to Greater Manchester and beyond. It was the first Trust in the North of England to achieve the highest rating given by the Care Quality Commission.

The Challenge

When it comes to protecting confidential data, Salford Royal aims to give information security the same high level of care that it gives to its patients. However, prior to installing LogRhythm’s NextGen SIEM Platform, Salford Royal suffered from ‘swivel chair analysis’ where many different solutions were working autonomously, forcing the IT department to ‘swivel’ from one system to another. These efforts were proving too challenging for the IT team managing such a vast network, and was not as efficient as it could be. Salford Royal realised it needed to have full insight and visibility into their network activity, and all from one single-pane of glass.

“Before we implemented LogRhythm, we didn’t have full visibility of our security estate. We were using too many different tools for an expansive network, which added complications and made it difficult to know exactly what was going on at any given time. A central solution like LogRhythm’s SIEM software was exactly what we needed,” said Donald Andango, Information Security Specialist at Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust.

The Solution

Salford Royal began its extensive research process into looking for a system that would suit all of its needs. After a less successful trial with another vendor, the Trust decided to install LogRhythm’s NextGen SIEM Platform following a number of recommendations.

“We did try a different vendor before the LogRhythm installation, but it was not at the level of quality that we needed. We required a solution that was more precise and thorough. A number of our partners used LogRhythm and highly recommended the solution to us, so we had that in the back of our minds when it came to finding a solution that was a better fit for us,” continued Andango.

In the two years that LogRhythm’s solution has been installed, Salford Royal has seen drastic improvements.

“The visibility LogRhythm has given us has been a game-changer. We operate on a network that has a large number of access points, which can be a challenge to monitor effectively. The insight we now have is unparalleled and gives us confidence that we can detect and mitigate a threat as soon as it appears. Furthermore, we are able to view activity on just one dashboard, which is incredibly convenient and time-saving. In fact, it takes us half the time it previously took us to determine the current state of security events, which has not only given our team back a lot of time and saved them unnecessary effort, but has also made our practice a safer place all round.”