LogRhythm Centralized Metrics’ main dashboards are customizable and visualize data in one user interface

Measure and Optimize SOC Performance with New LogRhythm Tools

When faced with a bombardment of threats and a severe resource shortage, the best way to keep your organization ahead of a damaging attack is to make the most of what you have. You need your team and tools to…

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You can use LogRhythm and Kibana to track data at the POS

Enrich Your Security Data with LogRhythm and Kibana

Data is a powerful tool. But storing, organizing, and adding value to it to enable better decisions can be difficult. Most companies strive to find a way to best preserve all of their data, and then use that data to…

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IT Security in an OT World

Before we had the Internet of Things (IoT), ubiquitous wireless access, high speed data pipes, or even core internet protocols including HTTP and TCP, we had industrial automation. Operational Technology (OT) is the latest umbrella term to encompass functionalities such…

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