A screenshot of the LogRhythm Axon Log Management platform dashboard.

LogRhythm Axon: Our Vision of a Cloud-Native Platform

Today is an important day in LogRhythm’s history. We unveiled LogRhythm Axon, our new groundbreaking, cloud-native, security operations platform that easily ingests, enriches, and analyzes multiple log sources. Out of the gate, Axon provides an easy-to-use log management solution. This…

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LogRhythm Introduces Groundbreaking Cloud-Native Security Operations Platform

LogRhythm Introduces Groundbreaking, Cloud-Native Security Operations Platform

New LogRhythm Axon’s intuitive analyst experience and enhancements to LogRhythm SIEM, NDR and UEBA empower security teams to detect and disarm cyberthreats Leading security intelligence company, LogRhythm, today unveiled LogRhythm Axon, a groundbreaking, cloud-native security operations platform. Since 2003, LogRhythm…

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LogRhythm NDR UI

Ease the Analyst Workflow with LogRhythm NDR

It’s easy to get lost in all the noise when trying to surface and make sense of potential threats to your organization’s network. Keeping your environment safe is a constant struggle with bad actors continuously looking for new ways to…

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Gary Abad Joins LogRhythm as the VP of Global Channels

Industry Veteran Rejoins LogRhythm to Grow the Company’s Channel Partner Program LogRhythm, the company helping busy and lean security operation teams save the day, today announced the appointment of Gary Abad as VP of Global Channels. Abad joins LogRhythm as…

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Les cybermenaces à forte incidence : Le risque de ransomware pour les infrastructures vitales en France

Lors de la pandémie, les infrastructures vitales en France ont été confrontées à des défis sans précédent. Les citoyens sont devenus de plus en plus dépendants des services d’urgence, des organismes publics et des fournisseurs de services publics, et les…

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Building a Threat-Ready Ransomware Response Plan

Across the globe, ransomware continues to be one of the top threats facing modern organisations. This evolving high-risk threat uses malicious software to restrict access to an individual’s or company’s vital information, and then demands some form of payment to…

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Shanghai Police Leak Reveals China To Be As Vulnerable As Any Nation

LogRhythm’s Andrew Hollister answers questions about the recent data breech experienced by Shanghai National Police.

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Updates to the Critical Infrastructure Information Act are Long Overdue

Learn about the Critical Infrastructure Information Act, including what it is and why changes to it are needed in the current landscape of cyber threats.

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Diversity Talks 2022: Progress over perfection

Joanne Wong (LogRhythm) urges companies to take action and create a supportive ecosystem that helps working mothers combat their feelings of guilt and inadequacy when returning to the workforce.

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How can businesses improve the digital experiences of their employees?

Cybersecurity is no longer a nice-to-have; it’s essential for your employees’ overall digital experience. While the latest cybersecurity technologies can help to detect nefarious activity and contain and neutralize threats promptly, they don’t completely immunize organizations from being compromised.

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Fighting back against the rising tide of software supply-chain attacks

Of all the issues being faced by IT security teams, one that is gaining increased attention is the threat of a successful software supply chain attack. These attacks, mounted by cybercriminals who inject malicious code into a legitimate software application,…

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Sandfield strengthens IT security and automates monitoring with LogRhythm

Established in 1989, Sandfield has grown to become a leading provider of software applications for operational businesses looking to differentiate themselves through the use of technology. The company’s services and product portfolio includes software and website development, application delivery, database…

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