Closing the Critical Skills Gap for Modern and Effective SOCs

Discover the Skills Managers are Looking for in this Research from SANS

The skills gap in the security field is no secret. According to a recent study from (ISC)2[1], to bridge this gap, the cybersecurity workforce would need to increase 145%, globally. But exactly what abilities are causing security operations centers (SOC) to fall behind? And what are hiring managers looking for?

In Closing the Critical Skills Gap for Modern and Effective Security Operations Centers, SANS explored these very questions. Read the report to learn what skills hiring managers say they need, which needs they plan to staff internally, and where they plan to use external service providers.

You’ll learn:

  • Which industries are not struggling with high security turnover rates
  • Strategies for using external providers or MSSPs to augment teams
  • Reasons cybersecurity leaders ask for new full-time employees
  • Which skills are in high demand
  • The most successful source leaders are using to fill open positions
  • Where hiring managers wish new employees had more experience

Download the full report to understand and plan for your SOC’s staffing needs.