Why Cloud-Native SIEM?

Learn how cloud-native SIEM transforms security for the modern digital landscape.

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Is Cloud-Native SIEM Right For You?

The security world is changing rapidly. As organizations strive for innovation, competitiveness, and better business outcomes, malicious adversaries are quick to exploit new technologies. Many of these technologies are delivered via the cloud, expanding the attack surface and threat vectors.

Traditionally, organizations have faced immense complexity in implementing and managing security technologies for threat investigation, detection, and response. That’s where cloud-native security information and event management (SIEM) tools come in.

This white paper is aimed at security operations personnel and those that oversee planning and budgeting for security in organizations of any size. It explains what cloud-native technology is, what it constitutes, and the benefits that organizations implementing it will achieve.

Read more to learn:

  • About the expanding attack surface
  • Difference between cloud-native versus on-prem SIEMs
  • How SIEMs integrate with other security solutions
  • The benefits of cloud-native SIEMs
  • An introduction to LogRhythm Axon and how it can help your security team
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