LogRhythm vs. Exabeam

LogRhythm vs. Exabeam

Which Next-Gen SIEM Solution is right for you?

Are you on the hunt for a new security information and event management (SIEM) solution? We’re excited to hear it! We know this important decision will impact your security operations for years to come, so we want to help you find the SIEM platform that best fits your organization’s needs.

Learn more about the major differences when it comes to choosing LogRhythm vs. Exabeam for SIEM.

Overpaying for Your SIEM?

A security solution should keep pace with your evolving needs  without outgrowing budget. That’s why it’s important to purchase a solution that offers a breadth of functionality in one unified, platform at one, consistent price. Schedule a demo with a LogRhythm expert to compare SIEM prices and ensure you get the most out of your security investment.

Whether it’s LogRhythm or Exabeam, you need to ensure you’re getting the most out of your SIEM solution.

But when you are making a major investment in SIEM technology, research is essential to ensure the platform you choose fits your unique organization’s needs. No SIEM is one-size-fits-all.

So how does LogRhythm differ from Exabeam?

The LogRhythm Difference

1. All the Functionality You Need in One Unified Platform

The LogRhythm NextGen SIEM Platform incorporates all of the key security tools and capabilities you need into one solution — unlike other disparate solutions that require you to purchase and implement them, individually. All of our platform’s components are built in-house, meaning everything integrates smoothly and you don’t get surprised with hidden costs.

With LogRhythm, you can scale with confidence. We are the only SIEM technology provider to offer a true unlimited data plan. Pay one price (and only one price) for your entire contract. Protect your entire network — even if your data (and users, applications, and systems) changes from one year to another.

“Out of the box, the platform delivers an extensive amount of capabilities and correlation rules that align with today’s threats. The automated responses and SOAR workflows can deliver an increased level of maturity to any sized organization.”

Vice President, IS Global Security, Retail

“The level of automation that the system is capable of delivering is amazing. It also had compliance modules free out of the box. We also saved close to 30% over the other SIEM products.”
Security Analyst, Energy and Utilities

“Thee inbuilt functionality has meant that we were up and running far faster than our experience with other SIEM solutions and had no hidden costs or paywalled functionality.” 

Chief Security Officer, Healthcare

2. Solve a Wide Range of Use Cases

Your organization is unique and so are your security needs. From zero-day to widely used attack vectors to compliance requirements, your SIEM solution must solve a variety of use cases and be ready for anything that may come its way.

The LogRhythm Labs team personalizes your SIEM platform experience through prebuilt, out-the-box content such as AI Engine rules and custom dashboards. Do you need help with a specific use case? We pride ourselves in being your partner in the fight against cyberthreats. We’re here to help solve any use case — no matter how unique.

“Robust, full-featured and very customizable SIEM.” 

Systems Administrator III in the Government Industry

“The biggest use case is visibility. Because we have a lot of flaws, if you don’t have a tool that can bring it all in and give you that visibility, then all that log information is useless. Thus, LogRhythm helps us keep that visibility.”

Ashlish B., Manager of Information Security at a Real Estate/Law Firm

3. We Were Built for This!

To effectively search across and access your data, you need to translate your full collection of dissimilar logs into a single, common language and identify the true sequence of events. This requires the effectively collecting data, parsing or normalizing it, and correlating it.

LogRhythm’s NextGen SIEM platform was built with powerful parsing and correlation capabilities. It sorts through your vast log data, enriching it, sequencing it, and applying advanced security analytics to enable seamless searching across all data.

“New correlation rules are easy to develop and perform well. Performance information is provided on each rule, to assist with performance tuning. Log Sources/Parsing Many devices are supported out of the box, with additional devices posted on LogRhythm’s community.” 

SOC Manager, Transportation

“Quick deployment, powerful correlation and historical data search.” 

Cyber Security Arch., Finance

“Performance for log searching is some of the best I have experienced, with raw log searches performing very well — this makes searching very easy, as you don’t need to provide overly specific criteria in order to return data in a timely fashion.”

SOC Manager, Transportation

4. Be Part of a Strong Security Community

The LogRhythm Community has developed its extensive network over years of peer-to-peer networking. On the Community, you can connect with both LogRhythm experts and your peers in security to discuss the latest security trends, LogRhythm best-practices, and start discussions around your unique use cases.  

“LogRhythm is far more ahead of other alternatives. It has big community that you can find such quality answers for your problems.”

Software Developer, Finance

“It does have a passionate community. And if you find the right person, chances are you’re going to be able to get your question answered.”

Security Analyst, Large Energy and Utilities Organization

“Using the community, you can find the answers to any of the problems that you have. Everyone out there is just trying to help each other get better. So, it’s really nice.”

Jacob H., Security Engineer at Managed Technology Services 

5. Our Customers Love Us

Customers of LogRhythm’s NextGen SIEM Platform rated it above other solutions for ease of use, setup and administration, and support quality.

Read unbiased, customer reviews to see why LogRhythm received the highest satisfaction score in the G2 SIEM Grid®. 

See why LogRhythm is the only SIEM solution to be awarded the Gartner Peer Insights Customers’ Choice Award three years in a row.

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