See How Organizations are Defending Against Advanced Cyber Threats

Read the latest from the 2016 CyberEdge Cyberthreat Defense Report

This third installment of the CyberEdge Cyberthreat Defense Report provides an understanding and awareness of how IT security teams defend against threats. The report analyzes the current state of cyber security, including the perceptions and concerns of cyber security professionals.

It reveals what the respondents believe are the next steps in defending themselves and ensuring they aren’t immortalized on the cover of The Wall Street Journal as the next high-profile breach victim. The report sheds both positive and negative light on the state of the information security industry.

Highlights from the report include:

  • 76% of respondents’ network were breached in 2015
  • 62% believe a successful attack is likely in 2016
  • Malware and spearphishing are causing the most headaches
  • The quantity of organizations with active BYOD deployments is falling
  • Low security awareness among employees is the greatest inhibitor