SIEM Demo: Detecting Phishing and Compromised Account Attacks

Watch how LogRhythm SIEM easily surfaces user-based threats and automates response.

Watch the SIEM Demo

Learn How You Can Reduce Insider Risk with LogRhythm SIEM

When protecting your organization, it’s critical to monitor users — because humans are often the weakest link in your defenses. Despite offering security awareness training or implementing technology such as multi-factor authentication, your environment is still at risk. Advanced persistent threats often exploit human weaknesses to gain access to employee credentials and operate within legitimate user accounts — making them difficult to detect. 

You need a more proactive approach to defend against user-based threats. In this demo, learn how a security analyst working for an international financial organization, uses LogRhythm SIEM to quickly detect, analyze, and respond to phishing and compromised account attacks. Get an inside look at how:

  • LogRhythm SmartResponse™ automates alarms to quickly drill down on suspicious activity
  • Risk-based priority (RBP) helps a SOC analyst prioritize which threats to respond to first based on the anomaly score
  • Automatic playbooks and easy-to-use case management speeds up the velocity of responding to cyberthreats
  • Security teams can stop phishing and compromised account attacks in their tracks

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