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Is your team strapped with limited resources and struggling to manage an ever-evolving threat landscape? A cloud-native SIEM platform provides seamless visibility from powerful analytics across cloud, on-prem, and custom application logs enabling you to easily identify, analyze, and report on potential threats.  

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What is LogRhythm Axon?

LogRhythm Axon is a cloud-native SIEM platform built for security teams that are stretched thin by easing the load to defend against cyberthreats.

LogRhythm Axon’s intuitive experience gives analysts contextual analytics into cybersecurity threats so they can reduce the noise and quickly secure their environment. LogRhythm Axon reduces the burden of managing threats and the operating infrastructure, helping security teams prioritize and focus on the work that matters.    

LogRhythm Axon cloud-native SIEM mockup
Security analyst using LogRhythm Axon

Is LogRhythm Axon right for you?

LogRhythm Axon provides an easy and automated way for small security teams and even novice security analysts to gain seamless visibility through powerful security analytics across cloud and on-prem log sources.

It’s intuitive interface combined with powerful security analytics and seamless log collection, makes it easy to search for, analyze, and report on potential threats, and to meet security operations center (SOC) requirements.

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