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Cybersecurity Awareness: A Cross-Functional Roundtable

October 29

LogRhythm Webcast - Cybersecurity Awareness: A Cross-Functional Roundtable

Cybersecurity Awareness: A Cross-Functional Roundtable

About this webinar
It’s an oft-repeated adage in cybersecurity: employees are your first line of defense. And while security awareness is being discussed now more than ever, statistics show that this defense could stand to improve.

For example, 43% of employees are still unaware that clicking a suspicious link or attachment could lead to a malware infection.* But of course, making meaningful improvements in security awareness is often easier said than done.

With October being National Cyber Security Awareness Month, now is the time to re-examine the state of security awareness so you’re better equipped to facilitate those improvements: what are the biggest gaps in awareness, what tactics can organizations implement to address these gaps, and how will security awareness evolve as the workforce evolves?

Addressing these questions requires a variety of perspectives, so we’re bringing together LogRhythm experts from across the organization. Joining us for this discussion are:

– Barry Krauss, Director of Training and Enablement
– Justin McNichol, Manager of LogRhythm’s Global Service Desk
– Rob Sweeney, Technical Account Manager and former LogRhythm customer

Register for this live event to get answers to the above questions and more — as well as to ask questions of your own!

*Source: https://searchsecurity.techtarget.com/infographic/7-security-awareness-statistics-to-keep-you-up-at-night

Live online Oct 29 11:15 am United States – Denver
or after on demand 45 mins
Presented by
Barry Krauss (Training Director), Justin McNichol (Global Service Desk Manager) and Rob Sweeney (Technical Account Manager)
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