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Webinar | Securing Telemedicine: The Current Landscape and Future Risks

July 9

The healthcare industry already faces a number of unique challenges and threats. The data that these organizations collect includes extremely sensitive — and therefore valuable — information, making those organizations a target among cyberattackers. As telemedicine continues to grow, healthcare providers will have to address the proliferation of these threats, as well as the new cybersecurity concerns that come with a rise in adoption.

Join this webinar to learn about the current telemedicine landscape and the future risks and requirements healthcare organizations will need to address if they want to secure ongoing and evolving telemedicine initiatives. You’ll hear from James Carder, LogRhythm’s CSO and former healthcare security director, and Kevin McDonald, a healthcare cybersecurity advisor with decades of experience in the industry.

You’ll learn:

• The current state of telemedicine
• The cybersecurity threats specific to telemedicine
• Future risks and requirements of securing telemedicine
• Examples of how your team can best use its tools to monitor for these risks…less

Presented by
James Carder (CSO and VP of LogRhythm Labs, LogRhythm) and Kevin McDonald (Healthcare Cybersecurity Advisor)

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