Use Cases

Detecting Zero Day Exploits

LogRhythm provides multiple options for conducting forensic investigations to quickly identify the source of the zero day exploit. Users have the option to search for focused data points, or to use visual trending and analysis to identify behavior patterns and instantly drill down into specific event details.

Rapid Forensics

With any event, LogRhythm provides instant access to multiple avenues for further forensic analysis without leaving the initial screen.

Rapid Time-to-Value

LogRhythm delivers solutions that are quick to install, easy to use and manage, and can easily scale to meet future requirements.

Protective Monitoring

LogRhythm’s Advanced Intelligence Engine delivers Protective Monitoring with automatic analysis of all log data, maintaining constant vigilance for multiple attack vectors that, when combined, may indicate an APT-style attack.

Protecting ePHI

LogRhythm provides healthcare organizations with the means to proactively protect ePHI, as well as the tools to accurately and quickly identify the culprits guilty of breaches.