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Real-Time Visibility into Your Network


Easily spotlight details of threats in your IT environment and receive high-fidelity details on traffic content and application usage.

  • True application identification for over 2,700 applications
  • Unstructured search and analysis across network data
  • Full session packet capture in PCAP format
  • Continuous search-based alerting to detect when specific conditions are met

Installing NetMon Freemium

Simply fill out the form on the right and download the ZIP file from the email you receive. Extract the ZIP file to find the installer (ISO file), along with installation instructions and a getting started guide.


NetMon Freemium is supported through our Community. Sign up for the NetMon Community for resources and product updates. Our Community is the place to submit feedback, ask questions, and interact with other NetMon Freemium users, as well as get updates when new versions of NetMon Freemium are released.

Minimum Requirements

  • Free disk space: 60 GB
  • Memory: 4 GB (8 GB recommended)
  • CPU/Processor: 2 cores (4 cores recommended)
  • Network interface controllers (NICs): 1 1Gbps NIC (2 1Gbps NICs recommended)

Note: Analyzing TAP data from an external source requires two NICs; with one NIC, you can only monitor network usage from your computer.

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NetMon Freemium FAQ and Minimum Requirements

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