Incident Response

Respond to security incidents rapidly with LogRhythm’s free network monitoring tool

Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your incident response.

Network monitoring, forensics and traffic analytics technology enable faster threat detection and bolster the efficiency and effectiveness of incident response.

Due to cost and complexity, this technology has been out of reach for many organisations, until now. LogRhythm has made it easy and launched a new NetMon tool that is completely free.

It’s easy-to-use and will transform your physical or virtual server into a network forensic sensor in a matter of minutes. It’s just a quick download.

With NetMon Freemium, you’ll be able to:

  • Understand your network with Layer 2-7 visibility
  • Detect unauthorised and unwanted applications
  • Immediately recognise suspicious network activity, including lateral movement
  • Identify and prevent sensitive data loss
  • Expedite network layer forensic analysis and investigations

NetMon Freemium is supported by the user Forum where you can submit feedback, ask questions, and interact with other users.

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Download and install NetMon Freemium now.

“As an early adopter, I’ve found that LogRhythm NetMon is one of the most compelling tools for analysing traffic and is an excellent resource for analysis.“

Sr. Security Analyst

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