Nail Your Next Board Presentation

Learn Actionable Tips to Get Buy-in From Your Board

It’s frustrating to finish a presentation about your security program to your board only to walk away feeling like they didn’t grasp anything that you prepared.

“Gain Board-Level Support for Your Security Program” provides tips for what to do and things to avoid when presenting to your board. Learn 7 1/2 takeaways that will give you greater confidence and a better chance of success.

Use the tips in this e-Book to help you prepare and deliver a presentation that will appeal to the board and the mission of your business.

You will learn how to:

  • Better understand your audience and speak their language
  • Demonstrate what your program is doing for the business
  • Communicate how your program will enable the business in the future
  • Establish yourself as an effective communicator and CISO

Download the e-Book to learn how to keep your board engaged and get them behind your security program.

With the right preparation and mindset, CISOs can achieve their goals while appealing to the board’s mission and the core mission of the business.